Welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Frank and I have been working in the wireless infrastructure industry for over 18 years. I love this industry and have seen it grow through different phases – never a dull moment. One wave of technology after another; so many of ideas and solutions; successes and failures… It’s all so fascinating and that’s what I want to blog on. I have worked for different companies including wireless carriers in North America and in other international markets, equipment vendors and consulting companies. I cannot claim that I have seen it all, so it’s my hope that my blog site will eventually grow to get contributions from others in the industry…

This is why I hope you will come back often to read my blogs: I want to provide a good view of new technologies and insightful comments. I like to look at both the technical aspects and the commercial ones. Ever wondered what will fly and what will fail? There are so many reasons. I intend to address these in my blogs…

So, what will I blog about? I am interested in a large number of issues related to the wireless industry: new technologies, business models, financial developments, and so many other topics. I have recently been heavily involved in small cells and heterogeneous networks, wireless backhaul, and 4G networks. I will write about these and so many other topics.

I am looking for comments because only through interaction, we can evolve our thinking and knowledge. I encourage you to post comments. If you don’t agree, say so!

I look forward to growing this bog site to include valuable insights so you can come back again!