Analysis of Brazil’s 2.5 GHz Spectrum Auction Results

The 2.5 GHz LTE auction in Brazil came to an end last week with total proceedings of 2.96 Billion Real ($1.42 Billion). The spectrum included a sliver of 450 MHz spectrum for rural access which regulator Anatel was not able to auction independently and was later included with the 2.5 GHz licenses. Read more of this post


Twisted Waves: A New Dimension in Wireless Communication – Part 2.

Photon Orbital Angular MomentumPhoton Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) is a new technique to increase wireless channel capacity. However, not everyone agrees that this is a conceptually new area in radio communication and they make the case that OAM is a special mode of MIMO communications. This view was presented in a recent IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation paper.

The argument made is that OAM is a unique mode of MIMO theory which is obtained under certain conditions and therefore not a conceptually new area. These conditions are obtained when a circular antenna array configuration is used in free space communication which results in MIMO eigen-modes that are similar to the OAM states.  In this case, the argument is that OAM is a sub-class of traditional MIMO communication. Read more of this post