My Top 10 Most Read Posts of 2012.

Frank Rayal Top Blog Posts of 2012Below is a list of my top-10 most read posts of 2012. Older posts would get more views than recent ones and I have no way of knowing the numbers of RSS subscriptions, etc. Also, I am hoping that viewed posts equals read posts, but there are no guarantees! Nevertheless, this is still of interest and I thought to share it with my readers.

LTE Peak Capacity Explained: How to Calculate it?

Cloud RAN vs. Small Cells: Trading Processing for Transport Cost.

Latency: LTE’s Achilles’ Heel?

Analysis of Brazil’s 2.5 GHz Spectrum Auction Results

Mobile Data Traffic Forecasts: A Comparative View

LTE Data Rate: What Can We Expect?

The Italian 4G Spectrum Auction: An Analysis

Twisted Waves: A New Dimension in Wireless Communication – Part 1.

Canadian 700 MHz Spectrum Rules: Caps but no Set Asides.

Reaching The Limits of The Physical Layer: The Slow Shift To Enhancing Efficiency.


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