New Frontiers in Personal Communications (and Investment Opportunities!)

60 GHz 802.11ad Wi-FiIn the late 1880’s, Heinrich Hertz’s experiments with wireless signals were in the VHF/UHF bands (60 to 500 MHz). The first transatlantic transmission in 1901 by Marconi was either around 850 kHz or in the neighborhood of 100 kHz: he simply did not have reliable equipment to measure the frequency. With these modest starts, advances in communication system technology kept opening new spectrum frontiers. Today, we are pushing the limits of commercial communications into the 100 GHz range, a million time higher frequency than what Hertz and Marconi experimented with. There is no talk of “spectrum crunch” in the millimeter wave bands (30 – 300 GHz). Specifically, the 60 GHz ‘V-band,’ which is designated for unlicensed use, is set to experience strong growth as IEEE 802.11ad-compliant silicon is commercialized. Read more of this post


Small Cell World Summit 2013: Wireless Analytics to the Forefront

Wireless AnalyticsThe Small Cell World Summit just concluded, so I would like to summarize my thoughts and impressions from this event. For a little perspective, the conference is sponsored by the Small Cell Forum, which was called the Femto Forum before it rebranded in February 2012. In alignment with this new vision, the 2013 edition of this conference featured for the first time a stream focused on backhaul for small cells. In addition, the scope was expanded to include many ecosystem players: silicon players, DAS OEMs, satellite communication service and equipment providers, protocol stack vendors, traffic localization and network optimization tool developers, timing and synchronization vendors, and engineering service companies, etc. Operators from all continents were on hand to share their experience. Equipment vendors included also In short, it was a microcosm of Mobile World Congress with a focus on wireless infrastructure, without the large peripheral crowd. Read more of this post