Carrier Wi-Fi: What is it?

Carrier Wi-FiWith more mobile network operators using Wi-Fi to complement their radio access networks, one begs the question: how’s “carrier Wi-Fi” different from the one I have at home? What exactly is “carrier Wi-Fi”?

While there is no proper, or exact, definition for carrier Wi-Fi, I think it’s more important to realize that the definition has been evolving with time. Personally, I think carrier Wi-Fi is focused on two tracks. First, provide the mobile subscriber a better user experience including easy access to the Wi-Fi network and better quality of service; and second, enable the service provider to scale and manage a network of Wi-Fi access points that can reach into the tens even hundreds of thousands of units. From this point of view, carrier Wi-Fi opens a wide door for differentiation in both equipment ecosystem and service offering. Read more of this post


On LTE-Advanced and Carrier Aggregation

LTE-AdvancedNews of LTE-Advanced is making headlines. SK Telecom aggregated two 10 MHz carriers in 800 and 1800 MHz to achieve 150 Mbps downlink throughput with a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset built upon Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 SoC. Verizon announced that its LTE network is nearly complete and suggested carrier aggregation (CA) is the next step. AT&T on the other hand has plans to use carrier aggregation over its 700 MHz unpaired lower D and E blocks. Read more of this post