SON Load Balancing and the Success of Disruptive Ideas

disruptive ideasThirteen years ago we were working at Metawave to address the capacity challenge operators were facing (sounds familiar?). Our solution was an adaptive system that automatically adjust the antenna beamwidth to change the coverage area of a given sector according to the traffic load. By changing the antenna patterns, and consequently the coverage footprint, it is possible to shift traffic from one sector to another. In other words, we were doing ‘load balancing.’ This ought to sound familiar too, right? Read more of this post


New FCC Rules Give 60 GHz a Boost

SpectrumThe FCC enacted changes to Part 15 rules for the 60 GHz band (57 – 64 GHz) that will give a boost to different types of data backhaul applications. In a very significant move, the FCC increased the allowed transmitted power for 60 GHz systems deployed in point-to-point configuration outdoors. This will improve the competitiveness of V-band millimeter wave products and set to positively impact companies with solutions in this band such as NEC, Huawei, Bridgewave, Siklu, and Sub10 among many others.  Read more of this post