LTE-Advanced, 3.5 GHz, Small Cells and Neutral Host Services: A Powerful Mix to Abundantly Increase Network Capacity

ConnectivityAt a recent GTI event in Japan, Huawei demonstrated 770 Mbps peak throughput in a market trial of LTE-Advanced in 3.5 GHz spectrum. This was achieved with TD-LTE access mode with carrier aggregation. The trial showed 500 Mbps average throughput over multiple sites. Furthermore, Softbank demonstrated the ability to provide 1.2 Gbps peak throughput using 5-carrier aggregation in 3.5 GHz spectrum using TD-LTE.

Now, I think this is a significant demonstration for different reasons. It clearly shows the maturity level of TD-LTE technology and the thrust to implement carrier aggregation to achieve super fast wireless connectivity. It also demonstrates interest in using the abundant bandwidth in 3.5 GHz band to significantly grow the capacity of mobile networks. Read more of this post


Korea Spectrum Auction Unloads More 1800/2600 MHz Spectrum

Spectrum AuctionThe latest round of spectrum auctions in Korea concluded with KT acquiring precious 15 MHz of 1.8 GHz spectrum adjacent to its existing band. The country’s largest operator, SK Telecom acquired 35 MHz in the 1.8 GHz band but has to give up some other spectrum in return. In the meantime, the smallest operator, LG U+, acquired 40 MHz in the 2.6 GHz spectrum. All results are summarized in the table below. Read more of this post