What Will 5G Be Like?

5GWe are still at the beginning of the 4G road – in fact some may argue that we did not even reach 4G… officially. Nevertheless, industry chatter on 5G is here. We at Xona Partners have put our thoughts together on what 5G can look like. We recently published a whitepaper on this topic leveraging our multidisciplinary background in different parts of the mobile network. The whitepaper be downloaded through our web site at this link.

I would really like to hear from you what you thoughts are on 5G, what it will be like, how and what it will be used for, and how we will evolve to realize that vision.  Drop me a comment and let’s start the conversation!


Carrier Aggregation and the Road to Cognitive Radio and Superwide Spectrum

Carrier AggregationOften, the least hyped technologies are the most effective, get the widest adoption, and have the greatest impact. Carrier aggregation is one such technology that I don’t think it received its fair share of attention. LTE did bring a number of new features that were not available in 3G, such as MIMO. But MIMO was already deployed in other technologies including both Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Carrier aggregation on the other hand developed by the requirement to achieve higher data rates in LTE network. True channel bonding is a feature of Wi-Fi, but it applies to adjacent channels. Carrier aggregation on the other hand combines distinct channels in different bands. From that perspective, I am not aware of any wireless technology that has implemented carrier aggregation. Read more of this post

The Coming of Cloud RAN

Cloud RANThe evolution of wireless communications has spawned many innovations but the cellular concept where base stations are dispersed to meet coverage and capacity requirements remains constant. This is about to change, sort of, if Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN) architecture lives up to its vision. What makes CRAN such an interesting development is that it leverages advances in a number of different fields to pull together a solution to two perpetual problems facing network operators: cost reduction and increased capacity. Read more of this post

Top 12 Blog Posts of 2013

By Kellie Wong – Cisco Communities – Service Provider Community Manager

Firstly, may I say Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a safe and nice Holiday season. 2013 proved to be an eventful year in the Service Provider space with the introduction of the Network Convergence System (NCS) to power the Internet of Everything (IoE) as well as the release of the Cisco Global Cloud Index, 2012-2017 and Cisco Visual Networking Index Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2012-2017 to name a few. In the beginning of every year I like to gather a list of the Top 12 Blog Posts from the previous year to get a quick overview of hot topics and conversation trends within the Service Provider Community. It is safe to say that future predictions for the mobile industry took a front seat in 2013 with Cisco’s Stuart Taylor’s, Managing Director in the Service Provider Transformation Group, five part blog series Trends in Mobility. In the series, he offers insights and thoughts on Wi-Fi and the mobile Internet. Read more of this post