Observations on MWC 2014 – My Takeaways

Saddlenode BifurcationIn a nutshell, the wireless industry keeps on getting broader and more bifurcated. This is the main trend that has been around for years and that will not stop. Communication is becoming truly pervasive. Opportunities and confusion are intermingled. To understand it all, one needs to cut across wider breadth and dive into greater depth to separate hype from reality. This is a challenge all in its own. Separating the real from the fake is harder than ever!

In this year’s edition, some of my observations are: Read more of this post


Is the Personal Cell Technology for Real?

SONThe media is abuzz with the news of the pCell wireless technology – after all, it’s not too often that someone comes out and claims to have a technology that will change the world! For now, too little has been revealed on this technology, which is understandable for a startup.  The aura of mystery is necessary to fuel the hype machine. So, what can we deduce from what little has been revealed? And, what are the prospects of such technology? I will outline here a few thoughts to start this conversation and I look forward to your observations and opinion. Read more of this post

Canada 700 MHz Spectrum Auction Concludes Raising C$ 5.27 Billion

Spectrum AuctionResults of the auction for 700 MHz spectrum in Canada were announced today:  CAD 5.27 billion (USD 4.73 billion) was raised. This is more than what operators had hoped to fork out for this auction, especially considering the wireless market structure in Canada which does not foster competitive behavior. The average price for the 68 MHz auctioned is CAD 2.20 /MHz-PoP (USD 1.98).  Read more of this post

The Long-Term View on Small Cells

Long-Term View Small CellsThe evolution of wireless networks to a HetNet architecture is inevitable, but the question for industry players and investors is what form will it take. This is because there is no single approach to small cells, but rather there are multiple ways to densify the network. Making misplaced bets is common in the technology space, mainly because of the myriad of cause and effects that take place where technology is only a factor among many other factors, and at times a minor one in comparison. Read more of this post

Changes to Canada’s Antenna Tower Siting Policy Will Hurt Small Cells

Cell TowerTowers are not a ‘sexy’ topic of discussion – but this one is interesting… New regulations by Industry Canada will require of wireless operators additional commitments to build sub-15 m wireless towers, or let’s call them poles as that’s what most would be.

When I was in the business of designing and building networks, the sub-15 m rule was a blessing: it allowed us to quickly place a cell site until permits for the large cell were completed. With the new rules, this option is gone.

But more importantly, what would the new rules mean for small cell sites? The age of building macros will come to an end as the density of cells is simply too high to get more macros built. This leaves the option to place small cells where needed. The new rules mean that public consultation will be required for small cells. This will add time and cost to the process. Read more of this post