Research & Whitepapers

Market Research

Mobile and Wide-Area IoT: LPWA and LTE Connectivity

Cloud RAN: Enabling NFV in Mobile Networks

Small Cell New Order – A global status report on the roll-out and planning of 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi small cells

Making HetNets a Reality: Challenges and Solutions

Small Cell Backhaul Industry Trends and Market Overview

Whitepapers & Application Notes

RAN Virtualization: Unleashing Opportunities for Market Disruption

The State and Future of the Home Automation Market

International Carriers Path to The IoT Gold Mine

Shaping Cellular IoT Connectivity: Emerging Technologies in Wide-Area Connectivity

Internet of Things: Coming of Age

Innovations In RF Distribution Networks

The Path To 5G Mobile Networks

Spectrum and Network Sharing Models – Trends and Business Impacts

Small Cell Wireless Backhaul Business Case

Planning Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Backhaul Networks (co-authored with SIRADEL)

Distributed Antenna Systems and Compact Base Stations: When to Use Which?

Compact Base Station Backhaul

NLOS Wireless Backhaul for Small Cells: TCO Comparison with Optical Fiber

LTE in a Nutshell: System Overview

LTE in a Nutshell: Protocol Architecture

LTE in a Nutshell: The Physical Layer

Fundamentals of WiMAX – A Technology Primer

LTE-WiMAX Technology Migration Whitepaper

TV White Spaces: Unlicensed Access Spectrum in Sub-700 MHz Band

The Seven Modes of MIMO in LTE

Combining Fixed and Mobile WiMAX Networks

The Strategic Approach to WiMAX: Demystifying Fixed and Mobile WiMAX Standards

Throughput Performance of WiMAX Systems

Mobile WiMAX Network Architecture

The Intelligent Access Service Network (co-authored with Cisco)

Solution Profile – Intel & Redline Communications

Research Papers

Theoretical Evaluation of Angular Diversity

Traveling-wave fast-transient ESD simulation

Thermosetting epoxy as a moisture-resistant coating for YBa2Cu3O7