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LPWA vs. LTE: The Battle Ahead

Into the Internet of Things Era: The African Context (page 46)

Overview of China Mobile Cloud RAN Activities – The Mobile Network, February 2015

The Internet of Things – Part 2: The Turning Wheels of IoT Investments

The Internet of Things – Part 1: State of the Union

Disrupting Radio Access Networks with Cloud RAN

Cloud RAN is a disruptive technology. Here’s why.

Spectrum and Network Sharing Models – Trends & Business Impacts; December 2014

Getting Denser with the Cloud

Small cells shaping a new order for future wireless networks

Mobile operators draw a new small cell order in 2014

A Walk Down the Technology Lifecycle Lane: What will be Hot Next?

Backhaul is the problem

Het Net integration key to Cisco’s radio access ambitions

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for Small Cell Deployment is Easier than you Think

How Non-Line-of-Sight Backhaul Really Works

The Rationale For Using Intelligent Point-to-Multipoint in Small Cell Wireless Backhaul

Solving the HetNet Deployments Cost Challenge

The Self-Organizing Backhaul Network

Options for Wireless Backhaul in Heterogeneous Networks

The Options for Small Cell Wireless Backhaul

Self-organizing networks key for LTE small cell mobile backhaul

Spectrum-‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Especially If You Want Spectrum

Compact Base Stations Bridge Capacity Gaps

Base Stations Roll Out To Solve The Hotspot Dilemma

Pros and cons of small cells

Hotspots, personal Wi-Fi, instant access we want our apps

We Want It Now – Access to Mobile Apps That Is

Waiting To Download

Evolution of the Wireless Base Station – Meeting LTE Capacity and Coverage Requirements

WiMAX-LTE Network Migration: From Myth To Reality

Addressing the Capacity Crunch

Infrastructure Design: Programmable Devices versus ASIC



Links to contributed articles on Cisco’s Service Provider Mobility Blog and other media outlets.

Cellular IoT Connectivity: Threats and Opportunities

How to Het Net?

On the Cusp of a Small Cell New Order

How Small Cells Triggered Innovation in the Backhaul Space

Are We Ready for Small Cells?

When Will Small Cells Be Deployed?

Het Net integration key to Cisco’s radio access ambitions

Unleashing the Power of HetNets: Interference Management Techniques for LTE-Advanced Networks

The Hype & Reality of Small Cells Performance


 Xona Partners Foresight Newsletter

Cellular Internet of Things Connectivity (April 2015)